Chapter XIX: Contains a Ninth List. Of Things I Love. About the Species Known as the Ghanaian Male.

  1. When they cook you something delicious they will say “You’ll check it – love it – kiss it – miss it – delicious it – alamagaygay it!”
  2. They will keep repeating “Tell me what I can do for you,” until you run out of ideas – and most of it, they will actually do.
  3. On a night they (Attipoe) are not “among,” they will stand at the back of your window and tragically declaim, “God said to Moses, ‘You will not enter the Promised Land.  You will stand outside and see it with your naked eye, but you will not enter.’  Cue dramatic pause. It is true.”

  4. When watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, they will say “Indiana Jones is coming to pick the proper one (i.e. The Holy Grail)!  Oh, Lord, help him!”
  5. They will say, “Yes, of course, Mon.” when you ask them a question.
  6. When watching The Avengers they will say, “Hey!  Thor!  The way he just raise up his brother – it is still in my head!”
  7. When they find out you have already peeled and cut the cassava for dinner they will say, “Hey!  Kokyere the fantastic woman!”
  8. They will say “Thor – I love him – I kiss him – I – oohso!”
  9. They (Small Boy) will tell you, “As for us (boys) nowadays we are completely innocent!”
  10. They (5-years-old) will say, “Madam Sarah, your dress is very sweet!”
  11. When they see your Bible laying on your bed, they (11-years-old) will pick it up and hug it to their cheek and say, “The Bible is sweetable!”
  12. They will try to convince you to give them food/stickers/pens by saying, “Give it to me and God will richly bless you, okay?”
  13. They (5-years) will slap you on the back of the leg.  When you turn and look at them they will say, “It’s not for me!” and look angelic.
  14. They will try to convince you to lend them a pen by saying, “If I do not bring it back to you, you must not take me as your friend ever again.”
  15. They will write down their name on a scrap of paper so you’ll really really really know that they want a sponsor.
  16. Each morning when you see them (next door) they will say, “Sarah, I have miss you pa pa!”
  17. After you make them pancakes they will say, “The this thing you made it for me on Saturday.  It is very sweet!  I got plenty energy from it.  It is good kraa!”
  18. When you come up behind them to ask them where some other Ghanaian males are, they will start dancing on the rock where they are bathing.
  19. They will say, “I want to go to this thing – toilet – so my stomach will be free.”
  20. They will say, “My gooood sister!”
  21. They will say, “In fact, you will not go to America again.  Because of French Toast.  You will stay here and be my first wife.”
  22. They will stand outside your window in the (early) morning and call, “Madam Sleeper!”
  23. They will say, “Kokyere, I’m sorry.”  Then turn and shake their buh-tocks at you.
  24. Instead of saying “Thank you,” they will either belly dance, shake their buh-tocks, or twitch their right eye.

6 thoughts on “Chapter XIX: Contains a Ninth List. Of Things I Love. About the Species Known as the Ghanaian Male.

  1. #15 serious love.
    “Madam, write my name down”
    It does help you learn ALL of the students names really fast though.

    ..and nine, good to hear. (?)

  2. #3 is definitely my favorite! Don’t let your head swell that they consider your home the promised land ROFL!

    1. I about fell into the pot of stew I was cooking, Danielle 🙂 Hilarious! And he was so deadly serious that I had to try to stifly my guffaws less I hurt his feelings. That boy is a never ending source of merriment!

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