I am Happy, Part 2


I washed and hung laundry this morning.  It did not rain.

I found nutmeg at New Market.  French Toast 2.0, here we come!

We vacate tomorrow.

A line of Ghana-pledge chanting, navy-and-yellow-clad youngsters was thrown into confusion at the mere sight of me.  “O-bru-ni!”  “O-bru-ni!” “O-bru-ni!”

The navy and yellow clad youngsters’ Madam had to attempt to restore order (and the Ghanaian pledge).  I have been in her shoes before.  It’s funny when it’s not you.

They are selling papaya again.  I bought 3 (small ones).

Another child sponsorship came in this morning (75!).

I think my bird fabric skirt is almost done.  Sister Mary’s, here we come!

I have been in Winneba 7 months and 4 days.

Attipoe’s bird has lived to hop about another day.

Stew and cassava = dinner tonight.

Grace is coming for a visit.

All of the Emmanuels are currently speaking to me/acknowledging my presence.


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