When I left my home in Winneba 3 years ago, our little neighborhood was full of babies and toddlers. To be perfectly honest, no child is interesting to me until about the age of 2 or 3. I’m one of those terrible human beings who finds babies to be, well, boring after the first 5… Read More Colour


“Say what you wanna say . . . and let the words spill out . . .” Brave – Sara Bareilles One of the most charming and disarming characteristics of the Ghanaian male is their total transparency. Take this conversation I had with Alfred: Alfred: “Oh, Madam Sarah, I had to urinate very bad but… Read More Say-oh!


My housemate Dana and I crossed the border into Togo this weekend – ostensibly to re-set our visas for another 60 days but really because we’re travel addicts and any excuse to add another country to our respective lists is going to be met with loud cheers :-) Togo, a French African country, has a… Read More Togolese